sonicLAB has announced the release of its advanced stochastic ADSR envelope EnVBot, featuring versatile control for complex modulation generation.

The EnVBot is an audio plugin and can distribute itself over multiple DAW tracks as 1 server and its multiple clients. EnVBot instances will process the incoming track audio or can also serve as a modulation source for your external gear.

Each instance of the EnVBot client will share the same user interface of the server, but will demonstrate a stochastic variation of the modulation created by the EnVBot. They all have their independent audio engine. This computational variation potential will save you a lot of manual experimentation efforts and present compositinal possibilities which you wouldn’t imagine before!

EnVBot features

  • EnVBot offers 4 independent GEN (stochastic) modulators targeting each section of the ADSR (Attack, decay, sustain, release).
  • A multitude of discrete and continuous stochastic distributions and standard waveforms are available for various configurations of rich modulation construction.
  • Smooth transitions between the beginning and the ending of each section can be programmed on every GEN parameter.
  • Variable playback rate for each ADSR section and they are also randomizable among the client instances.
  • Multichannel track audio input will be handeled as individual instances, mono – stereo – quad modes are available.
  • Easy handling / almost automatic setup of server / client instances on your DAW.

EnVBOT for Windows and Mac (VST3/AU) is on sale for the intro price of 49 EUR until October 10th, 2019. It regularly costs 59 EUR, including server and client editions. Bundles options are available as well.

More information: sonicLAB