sonicLAB has released an update to its test tone sine-wave generator with stochastic modulators. Fundamental3 includes a new stochastic sequencer which generates sequence events driving its oscillators.

A stochastic sequencer calculates its event with probabilistic functions to decide their onset time and durations to distribute them on the sequence time lime.

Also the sequence length can be changed with probabilistic means after each cycle.

Other changes in Fundamental3 include:

  • A handful amount of probabilistic functions to distribute the onset and duration values of the stochastic sequencer events.
  • The sequence length can be manipulated with the probabilistic tools as well.
  • Deterministic distribution of the sequence events is possible with direct editing of the onset time and durations for each event.
  • Event duration can be altered together with multiplication (to overlap events) and the total sequence can be compressed / expanded in time.
  • Quantization can be applied to the values like on a DAW and BPM sync with the DAW.
  • The sequence events have a dedicated envelope system, apart from the oscillator gain level mixer envelopes. Both can be used at the same time.
  • Forward and forward<->backwards loop playback.
  • Sequencer event distribution can be frozen and the last state can be saved along with the preset.
  • Now each oscillator of Fundamental3 has a clone. When active, it receives the same parameters, however it has its own GEN modulations running apart.
  • A new preset bank called “Seq_Studies” demonstrating these new features.

Fundamental3 for Windows and Mac (VST3/AU/Standalone) is part of the Oscillator bundle (with Thermo2), priced 183 EUR. The update is free for existing Oscillator bundle users and owners of Fundamental or Thermo can get an upgrade offer.

More information: sonicLAB