sonicLAB has announced the release of a significant update to the Thermo self regulating hyper oscillator engine inspired by thermodynamic systems.

Important amount of time and efforts has been spent on this version 2, to enhance Thermo’s unique potential with more features and many improvements. It is the powerful combination of science, sonic art and maths delivering pure calculation of sonic emergence, no samples / no charlatanry.

Changes in Thermo2

  • Oscillator cloning: Now each oscillator on Thermo2 has a clone. When active, it receives the same parameters, however it has its own GEN modulations running apart. Therefore any modulation (pitch, waveform, spat etc.) with different stochastic results will render its distinctive sound apart from the primary oscillator.
  • New injection / perturbation model: A zero signal padder can be applied to each oscillator cycle in reaction to the automated gain control system. Hence when the system wants to attenuate the gain, a relevant amount of zero signal will be added to the waveform cycle of each oscillator. However a default offset zero signal pad size can be set, and the modulation will be added to this value. This feature also creates alternate pitch effects like in pulsar synthesis.
  • TapDelay processor on each oscillators feedback signal input: Variable tap delay processor delays the signal input of each oscillator. The feedback amount of the oscillator feed controls the delay feedback as well.
  • 2 more GEN mod generators: The OSC Clone modulation depth and the delay tap position for each oscillator can be modulated continuously with a unique GEN instance. Now in total there are 9 GEN modulators for each oscillator.
  • Automated random states of the 4x4feedback matrix: When active, according to the BPM value, a new random configuration of the 4×4 feedback matrix will be set every 1 bar.
  • New “v2Studies” soundbank including presets in order to introduce the new features of the Thermo2.
  • Preset bank rename field and bank duplication: The current work preset bank can be directly duplicated with a new name as a backup.
  • DSP improvements while keeping the original character of Thermo.
  • 15 new tuning scales.
  • Improvements and slight changes on the UI design.

Thermo2 update is free to the users who purchased Thermo v1 with the current price of 99 EUR. Earlier customers can purchase the update for 22 EUR. Thermo2 is also included in the sonicLAB Oscillator Bundle, alongside Fundamental2.

Thermo2 comes in VST3, AU and standalone formats both Windows and macOS (native Apple Silicon compatible).

More information: sonicLAB