sonicLAB has released version 3.1 of Cosmosƒ Saturn, a dynamic stochastic synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

Cosmosƒ is a real-time dynamic stochastic synthesis engine, which does generate sonic textures with a complex event distribution process. Discrete sonic events of certain density are distributed in a time space with their onset time and duration parameter calculated with stochastic /deterministic functions.

Each macro event defines the duration of a meso space, and the sub events are distributed inside it. The event distribution engine of Cosmosƒ is a hierarchical embodiment of multiple time scales.

With the version 3.1, one can set the various parameters of Cosmosƒ Saturn directly on the settings xml file:

  • One can set the Cosmosƒ window resolution scale relative to its default size. e.g. 2 .0 will be a Cosmosƒ Saturn window 2 times bigger.
  • The scale of the Filter Cutoff, RM frequency and LineGen speed slider displays can be defined as linear or logarithmic.
  • Also visual performance parameters like framerate and circle resolution can be set.

Bug fix: On the Windows version, the 3D morphing sphere was drawn corrupted depending on some graphic cards. Now it has been fixed universally.

Cosmosƒ Saturn for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available for purchase for 169 EUR. The update is free for registered users of Cosmosƒ Saturn.

More information: sonicLAB