sonicLAB has released version 2.1 of the Cosmosƒ, a stochastic synthesis tool for Windows and Mac.

Cosmosƒ, an advanced stochastic synthesizer offering elegant sound design possibilities with precision and real time operations, suggesting a new paradigm in sound synthesis while extending its polyphonic structure.

Changes in Cosmosƒ v2.1

  • Wide range of new LFO waveforms from harmonic oscillators to different types of stochastic waveforms, all with pristine quality of audio results.
  • The sample playback engine allows backwards or randomly directed sample playback
  • The presets engine is rewritten and allows text based handling.
  • Many tiny improvements on the user interface for better handling of the sofware.
  • Cosmosƒ V2.1 audio routines are solid and stable, to run safely your installation days long.

Cosmosƒ is available to purchase for Windows and Mac, priced at 89 EUR.

More information: sonicLAB