sonicLAB has announced an update to the Fundamental2 virtual instrument for desktop and iOS.

It is a stylized, and not easy to implement version of Ring Modulation, considering as well the distinctive sonic quality of both our test tube oscillator simulation and the pure sine wave oscillator on Fundamental.

Changes in Fundamental2

  • The ring modulation mode handles the 8th oscillator of Fundamental as the carrier oscillator and the other 7 oscillators as individual modulator oscillators.
  • All stochastic frequency and gain modulation structure of the Fundamental applies on the Ring modulation oscillator setup as well bringing new generative sound synthesis possibilities.
  • The 7 modulator oscillators can be lined up with harmonically related frequency distributions and modulate the carrier oscillator.
  • A continuous transition between non-ring mod output to full ring mod output can be managed with a balance slider.
  • The circular frequency display has been revised to show dynamically the oscillator gain states, the side band frequencies and the carrier frequency.
  • The stereo waveform display has been re-implemented.
  • A dedicated preset bank using the ring modulation features has been packaged.
  • The manual has been revised and a dedicated chapter for the Ring Modulation has been added.

Fundamental2 for Windows and Mac (VST3, AU and standalone) is priced 99 EUR. The update is free for registered users. Fundamental2 for iOS ($22.99 USD) has also been updated to v1.4 to include the ring modulation features.

More information: sonicLAB