sonicPlanet has introduced its GeoComposer and GeoPlayer location based 3d interactive soundscape apps for the iPhone.

GeoComposer is a location based soundscape composition app. Artists, museums etc. can freely create location based 3D soundscapes, sound walks etc. with the 3D sonic augmented reality technology of sonicPlanet.

You can navigate/walk on a physical space augmented with the 3D Geo soundscape. Your location and orientation to sound objects placed around you will create the interactive 3D soundscape.

Place your sound recordings easily as sound objects on the map locations with the GeoComposer editor interface and then upload them with additional piece information to share with GeoPlayer users.

Google Street View and sonicPlanet 3D sonic augmented reality are embedded to create a unique audio visual experience. All the Geo soundscapes can be listened to while navigating on StreetView.
GeoPlayer users can select among the uploaded composer pieces and experience them on their iPhone.

sonicPlanet Geo apps are unique and have the purpose of bringing the ultimate location based sound interaction experience to both the creators and users.

We are happy to present this platform to the world and will keep pushing its boundaries.

GeoComposer and GeoPlayer are free to download from the AppStore.

More information: sonicPlanet