SonicProjects has released an update to the Stringer virtual string machine instrument for Windows and Mac.

Version 3.0 brings 64-bit and Mac compatibility as well as new features and sounds, with the following samplesets: Logan String Melody II, ARP Omni 2, and Welson Symphony.

The real string machines that were sampled for this project are highly sought after and became rare and expensive on the used market. The Logan String Melody II was built 1978 in Italy and distributed in Germany by Hohner. It has a very middy fat and exciting sound. The ARP Omni II is the successor of the Omni I and the Solina. The Solina string sound was THE string sound of the seventies and eighties, used on every stage and record. The Welson Symphony is a very rare Italian made String machine. It was built by WEBO electronics.

Changes in Stringer v3.0

  • 64-bit and Mac compatibility (Mac: AU only).
  • Built-in patch browser with proprietary patch-format.
  • Larger interface (about 40% larger).
  • Built-in effects unit (Modulation and Reverb).
  • Separate switchable ensemble effect (pre-effect).
  • New “pure” mode (generated saw) in all-buttons-off state.
  • 54 new presets (total 98) using the new features.

The new “pure” mode combined with the ensemble and modulation effects allows to design new string ensemble sounds from scratch.

Stringer for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available for $55 USD for a limited time (regular $65 USD). The update is free for existing owners.

More information: SonicProjects