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Sonicwire Samples releases Hatsune Miku Glitch Vocal Tool

Sonicwire Samples Glitch Vocal Tool

Sonicwire Samples has launched Hatsune Miku Glitch Vocal Tool, an Ableton Live Instrument Rack that employs 80 vocal samples from Hatsune Miku V3 and a glitch engine made by DUB-Russell, who collaborated with Miku at Red Bull Music Academy Tokyo in 2014.

The glitch engine itself is made in Max For Live, and allows a wide variety of outputs ranging from lightly glitched vocals to unrecognizable sounds processed to the extreme.

HATSUNE MIKU GLITCH VOCAL TOOL is a new must-have plugin for producers wanting unique vocal clips or hooks in any style of electronic music, from minimalistic electronica to the grimiest glitch-hop.

NOTE: Requires Ableton Live 9.1.6 Suite and above, as well as Max For Live.

The Live pack is available for purchase from Loopmasters for £19.95 GBP.

More information: Sonicwire Samples / Hatsune Miku Glitch Vocal Tool

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