Sonimus has announced a special offer on the Console Emulation Bundle, offering a 24% discount on the bundle comprising the analog-sounding Satson and Britson console emulation plugins.

Emulating the legendary punchy sound of one of the most iconic British consoles, Satson allows you to take advantage of a console-based workflow that includes analog metering, gain staging, saturation, and stereo crosstalk. Combining Satson Channel and Buss you will get your tracks to sound bigger than life.

Give your mixes the cohesion, warmth, and openness that they were missing with Britson. Britson Channel and Buss emulate the sound of British 8014 consoles with a personality of their own. Musical filter section, two different saturation modes, 3 tone colors busses, stereo crosstalk, and grouping capabilities make Britson a great tool to create 3-dimensional mixes.

The bundle is $56 USD until March 13th, 2021 at 11.59pm PST.

More information: Sonimus