Sonimus has announced a weekend flash sale on selected audio plugins, offering a 25% discount for the next few days.

The sale includes:

  • TuCo Compressor: Getting the character of analog compression has never been easier. Based on vari-mu tube technology, Tuco brings the clean, warm, and crisp sound with an easy-to-use interface and modern-day mixing features. Get instant glue and tightness to your tracks.
  • StonEQ 4K: Get the best of the 4000 G and E EQ series in one single module. Whether you want a surgical EQ or a broad and musical boost you can get it quickly with this plugin. Add to the equation a filter section and the Sonimus signature drive knob and you get a swiss knife in your mixing toolbox.
  • Britson: Give your mixes the cohesion, warmth, and openness that they were missing with Britson. Britson Channel and Buss emulate the sound of British 8014 consoles with a personality of their own. Musical filter section, two different saturation modes, 3 tone colors busses, stereo crosstalk, and grouping capabilities make Britson a great tool to create 3-dimensional mixes.

The offer is valid until December 13th, 2020.

More information: Sonimus