SoniqWare SG-1

SoniqWare has released SG-1, a stereo spectral noise gate with parametric control over noise profile, spectral resolution control and graphical editor for Windows PC.

Parametric Control over Noise Profile: Capture the noise profile from your material and adjust it using the three bands parametric equalizer. Alternatively, create a noise profile from scratch using the bias, slope and eq controls.

Spectral Noise Gate Control: Tune the noise gate parameters, including the knee, the reduction amount, as well as the attack and release times. The spectral resolution can be adjusted in a continuous fashion, ranging from single band processing to very high spectral resolution.

Interactive Graphical Display: Visualize the stereo input and output signals spectral content, as well as the shape of the stereo noise profile. Besides, the noise profile parametric eq is controled using the display handles, and the corrected profile instantly appears on the display.

SG-1 Spectral Noise Gate features

  • spectral noise gate / noise reduction
  • capture noise profile from audio data
  • noise profile parametric eq: bias, slope, one low-shelf and two bell filters
  • design noise profile from scratch
  • noise reduction control range: 0 to 48dB
  • gate knee control range: from hard to soft knee
  • attack control range: 1 to 100 ms
  • release control range: 10 to 1000 ms
  • spectral resolution control range: from single band to high spectral resolution
  • graphical display: input, profile and output signal spectra
  • graphical edition of noise profile parametric eq using colored handles
  • L/R vu-meter with hold peak and clip readouts
  • supported sample rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 & 192 kHz
  • stereo operation
  • load/save programs and banks, including noise profiles
  • VST automation of all parameters
  • silent controls
  • use of SSE/SSE2 instructions

SoniqWare SG-1 is available as a VST effect plug-in for Windows PC for $199 USD/159 EUR.

Visit SoniqWare for more information.