Plugin Boutique has launched a sale on virtual instruments and bundles from Sonivox, offering up to 90% off for a limited time only.

PIB Sonivox Black Friday

Save up-to 90% off SONiVOX’s creative Virtual Instruments in our Black Friday Sale!

Sonivox Sale

  • Big Bang Cinematic Percussion 2 serves up a powerful selection of cinematic drum and percussion instruments, all painstakingly created by top SONiVOX sound designers and ready to spark some serious fire under your musical scores.
  • Orchestral Companion – Brass features over 80 outstanding brass programs, each one meticulously crafted to deliver as accurate and convincing an experience as possible.
  • Orchestral Companion – Woodwinds is a comprehensive woodwind collection with over 115 outstanding programs.
  • Electronic Companion, an exclusive bundle of the Twist Spectral Morphing Synthesizer, Wobble Dubstep Grime Generator, classic Timewarp ARP2600 emulation and Playa Electro.
  • Percussion Companion combines Big Bang Universal Drums, Big Bang Cinematic Percussion, Session Drums Volume 1 and Blue Jay Drums into one never-equalled suite.
  • Atsia Percussion features a collection of bass drums, bells, hand hit drums, hand and stick hit floor drums, frame drums, shakers & snaps, and talking drums.
  • Blue Jay Drums is a virtual drum instrument with natural small ambient and large ambient versions of a 15 piece Yamaha Maple Custom drumset, including DW and Yamaha snares, a Paiste hi-hat and Zildjian cymbals, recorded at the Blue Jay Studio.
  • Bright Electric Guitar captures the sweet guitar sound of Boston guitarist Jud Crane’s classic Fender Strat with Seymour Duncan pickups and a Fender Vibrolux amp.
  • Classic Bass features the classic bass tone of the Fender Precision bass guitar in finger style (with nice, thick slaps on top) and picked, to cover all the musical basses.
  • FM Piano brings the classic sound that has appeared on more hit recordings than virtually any other keyboard.
  • Harmonica is an authentic replication of the harmonica, featuring a wide key range with several octaves of every note in the 12-tone scale.
  • Harpsichord faithfully reproduces the real thing, right down to the lightly percussive thunk when you release the keys.
  • Session Drums 1 captures the most natural elements of a beautiful set of DW and Pearl Drum kits by using close microphone techniques at the Wellspring Studios in Boston.
  • Silk Road Percussion features a collection of single hits, flams, and sampled phrases of Middle Eastern stick drums and frame drums.
  • Taylor Acoustic Guitar offers the warm sound of the Taylor 810 acoustic guitar recorded with a Lawson Tube microphone. It includes single note samples, fret noise, harmonics, up and down strummed chords, and muted chord “chunks”.

The sale ends December 1st, 2016.

More information: Plugin Boutique / Sonivox Black Friday Sale