Sonixinema has announced the rebirth of one of its first and best selling libraries to date. What started off as a simple sample library of a large resonant metal bowl has been transformed into something much more.

Resonate now features a wide variety of resonant metal sounds from unexpected sound sources, with an array of percussive hits and bowed effects which are perfect for adding a little bit of organic magic to your scores and music productions.

Simple yet effective, this library explores the boundaries of resonance. Featuring several unique metallic sound sources, we have updated this library to a collecting of 28 unique presets which explore not just the new instruments and sound sources but the ways in which we can morph and treat the sounds with the build in effects.

With over 50 unique convolution reverbs, delays, chorus, distortion, saturation and more, you can twist these sounds into some truly unique textures. Our onboard sequencer/gater allows you to create energetic rhythms which are perfect for pulsing cinematic underscore in a matter of seconds.

Available for the full version of Kontakt 5.7.0 or higher, Resonate is on sale for £9.99 GBP for a limited time (regular £14.99 GBP).

More information: Sonixinema