Sonic Zest has launched Sonic Breaks, a free Kontakt instrument that offers a creative and innovative way of engaging and interacting your with favorite breakbeats.

Sonic Zest Sonic Breaks

Music used to be different. In the decades gone by music arrangers would often give their musicians a break and allow the drummer and percussionists to take centre stage. When samplers came along, DJs and producers would spent lifetimes excavating and digging through crates of dusty records on the search for the increasingly elusive sound of drums and percussion isolated and on their own.

They would loop the breaks, chop them up and rearrange them into new patterns. What we have hear is an exciting and creative way of engaging and interacting your with favourite breakbeats. We have picked some of the most famous breaks, I’m sure one of your favourites is here somewhere, and painstakingly chopped them up for you.

These sounds have then be loaded into a special design Kontakt engine that harnesses the power of the arpeggiator to create infinitely different rhythms.

Sonic Breaks for Kontakt 5 (full version) is available as a free download for a limited time only.

More information: Sonic Zest