Sonniss releases free #GameAudioGDC Bundle


Sonniss has launched the #GameAudioGDC Bundle, a free collection of 10GB+ of high-quality game audio.


We couldn’t make it to the game developers conference this year, but wanted to do something special for the community. In celebration of #GDC2015, we have teamed-up with many of our suppliers to offer all of the #GameAudioGDC attendees and non-attendees a large number of premium sound effects (hand-picked) from each of their libraries.

…Alongside this, we are also running a HUGE GDC2015 #GameAudio sale until April 2nd. (You can save up to 50% off some of the best libraries on the internet). Click here for more information.

More information: Sonniss / #GameAudioGDC Bundle

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I see they have 100 slots available per 24hrs. I’m not sure if this is merely a scam to get traffic to their site, which means you’ll mostly see the “NOT AVAILABLE” message if that’s the case!

If it’s totally legit, hopefully it’s not actually 10Gb’s as a single download, because that would be totally ludicrous and senseless not to break the library into far smaller chunks! This is why I’m skeptical on their intent- if this is indeed a single massive download. How many people will actually be successful at completing the DL.


I think you can also contact them via Twitter and Facebook to get a slot when the available spaces run out (which is within 2 minutes after opening up the new 100 slots apparently).

Maybe it makes more sense to use the official torrent at


Thanks, I did previously see that info at the site already. As far as bit torrents go… that’s not for everyone, especially if you’re not familiar with the risks and security precautions needed. That goes with the internet period, but I don’t think file sharing is for novices-IMO. Even- if bit torrents allow you to get just the files you want…( I know nothing about using torrents) the question remains, why such a large single file when it’s only samples and not some movie file or Kontakt library? My comment isn’t really about DL time, but more about HDD space.… Read more »


It would have been great to be able to just download the sounds you want for sure.
I don’t have this pack myself but I think a lot of the content will be 96k/24bit so that eats up space fast.

Also, browsing the files included it seems there may be quite some longer recordings. It would definitely have been nice to separate the shorter audio files from the drive space munging ones.

Maybe they’ll do things different next time.

Jack Bawer
Jack Bawer

Ok, so I did speak to Timothy McHugh and offered him a Mirror from my
Online Drive. He appreciated it and told me I may seed the Bundle Pack.
If you did not have the chance to be one of the 100 people inbetween
the 4 hour cooldown and download the Sonniss com – GDC – Game Audio
Bundle by now, here you go: