Sonnox Oxford plug-ins

Sonnox has released updates for the Windows VST versions of the Oxford series of plug-ins.

Changes in Oxford plug-ins

  • New format installer (R3 EQ v1.8 / R3 Dynamics v1.5.1 / Inflator v1.7 / TransMod v1.5 / Reverb v1.2 / Limiter v1.3.1 / SuprEsser v1.1):
    • Checks for presence and version of iLok driver.
    • Auto-detects 32/64 bit operating system and installs relevant v5.8.5 iLok drivers if required.
    • Checks for presence of Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 redistributables and installs if required.
    • Checks for presence of iLok with correct licence before allowing plug-in installation. Avoids initial plug-in scan failure and resulting unavailability with some VST hosts.
    • Option to specify plug-in and preset installation directories from default, if required.
  • Log file: Installer-Log.txt file created during installation and stored in Program Files\Sonnox\Oxford Plugins\Logs. Useful to Sonnox support engineers should installation fail.
  • Show Preset Name Path: Feature now fully operational.
  • Supresser v1.1 only:
    • Initial display mode: SuprEsser FFT display now zoomed out (20Hz – 20KHz) when instantiated.
    • Centre frequency indication: SuprEsser shows the frequency value in big, easy to read numbers as you change the frequency.

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