Sonnox Oxford Transient Modulator, Dynamics and Inflator

Sonnox has released version 1.1. of the AU versions of Oxford Transient Modulator, Dynamics and Inflator.

Changes in Oxford Transient Modulator / Dynamics / Inflator v1.1 (AU)
New features include:

  • Onboard Preset Manager. Allows users to save .spt format presets, stored in: System>Library>Application Support>Sonnox>Presets. .spt presets allow users to name and save a preset using the Audio Units plug-in, and load it on a different platform, e.g. VST or RTAS on either Mac or Windows. This technology is due to be released across all platforms shortly.

The issues addressed include:

  • Increased stability in Logic and Digital Performer.
    • Resolves intermittent system crashes when opening or closing the plug-in (TransMod and Inflator).
    • Resolves intermittent issues where a plug-in would (i) display a blank screen and/or (ii) could not be closed in a session (R3 Dynamics).
  • New format installer. Checks for presence and version of iLok driver. Checks for presence of iLok with correct licence before allowing plug-in installation.
  • Log file. Installer-Log.txt file created during installation and stored in: System>Library>Application Support>Sonnox>Install Logs.

More information: Sonnox