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Sonnox updates Oxford Transient Modulator, Dynamics and Inflator to v1.1 (AU)

Sonnox Oxford Transient Modulator, Dynamics and Inflator

Sonnox has released version 1.1. of the AU versions of Oxford Transient Modulator, Dynamics and Inflator.

Changes in Oxford Transient Modulator / Dynamics / Inflator v1.1 (AU)
New features include:

  • Onboard Preset Manager. Allows users to save .spt format presets, stored in: System>Library>Application Support>Sonnox>Presets. .spt presets allow users to name and save a preset using the Audio Units plug-in, and load it on a different platform, e.g. VST or RTAS on either Mac or Windows. This technology is due to be released across all platforms shortly.

The issues addressed include:

  • Increased stability in Logic and Digital Performer.
    • Resolves intermittent system crashes when opening or closing the plug-in (TransMod and Inflator).
    • Resolves intermittent issues where a plug-in would (i) display a blank screen and/or (ii) could not be closed in a session (R3 Dynamics).
  • New format installer. Checks for presence and version of iLok driver. Checks for presence of iLok with correct licence before allowing plug-in installation.
  • Log file. Installer-Log.txt file created during installation and stored in: System>Library>Application Support>Sonnox>Install Logs.

More information: Sonnox

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