Native Instruments has launched a limited time promotion on boutique instruments from Sonokinetic, offering discounts of up to 74% off the regular price for a few days only.

Lively, authentic, and full of character, Sonokinetic’s phrase-based scoring instruments bring the orchestra to your studio. Elevate your compositions, with 74% off the Boutique Collection 2 bundle, 50% off individual instruments, and an introductory 33% off their two latest releases: Orchestral Strings and Sordino Strings.

Sonokinetic Boutique Collection 2 is on sale for only 399 USD/EUR. It includes Indie, Largo, Sotto, Noir, Minimal, and Sordino Strings.

Packed with personality, Sonokinetic’s phrase-based instruments provide composers with a versatile and refined palette to evoke any mood. Expressive, elegant, and detailed, their sounds help sculpt sentimental soundtracks, action-packed blockbuster moments, eerie horror soundscapes, and everything in between.

A selection of 21 individual instruments is offered at half off, while Orchestral Strings and Sordino Strings are on sale at introductory prices of 265 USD/EUR and 59.50 USD/EUR, respectively.

The offer is valid until May 31st, 2022.

More information: Native Instruments