Sonokinetic Kemence

Sonokinetic has announced the release of the Kemençe sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Originating from the vast area between the black sea and Persia this instrument comes in several forms, sizes and sounds. Mediterranean and Eurasian mixed with Persian and Middle Eastern musical heritage come together in the sound and deep musical ethnic presence of these instruments.

Sonokinetic decided to capture the enchanting sound of the classical Kemençe and sample this instrument in high fidelity audio quality. This instrument ships with a built in musical heritage. A supreme performed and recorded cinematic approach of several ethnic musical styles. The instrument is a perfect match with the styles and flavors in other Sonokinetic ethnical sampled instrument and vocals.

Kemençe features

  • Temposynced Phrases featuring Intelligent Time Machine (ITM).
  • Phrasing available pitched to key.
  • 4800+ samples. (8,4+ GB sample content).
  • Authentic Legato samples and scripting.
  • Traditionals & Improvisation phrases.
  • Auto ending to phrases.
  • xfade modwheel dynamics for legato patches.
  • Modwheel phrase start control.
  • GUI harmonic key display.
  • Full tempo sync control..
  • Kontat 5 optimized “Time machine Pro” programming.
  • 1 impulse response: 24 bit wave format.
  • Real-time sample content purging and loading.

The sound library is available to purchase for 49.90 EUR excl. VAT for EU customers.

More information: Sonokinetic / Kemençe