Sonokinetic has released Sotto – Delicate Orchestral Sampling, a new instrument library for Kontakt Player, Komplete Kontrol and S Series Keyboards.

Sonokinetic Sotto

It is their first instrument that conforms to the new Native instrument NKS standard, meaning that it will work with the Komplete Kontrol application and is optimised for the S-series of keyboards by Native Instruments, giving new access to all the functionality within Sotto.

Sotto is based on the same engine that powers Capriccio and Grosso. It will be familiar for those already using these products, and for the uninitiated they have posted a series of introduction and tutorial videos on their website.

Sonokinetic believes that with Sotto the emphasis lies on the delicate side of the orchestra, there is warm brass, valve and breath infused woodwinds, and velvety strings that will liven up any track you place it in.

Sotto features

  • 44.1kHZ – 24 bit and 16 bit NCW format.
  • 37.000+ samples, 59.5 GB NCW format.
  • 3 recorded orchestral sections: Strings 52 players, Woodwinds 12 players, Brass 15 players.
  • 4 recorded microphone positions: Close, Decca tree, Wide, Balcony (Far), and a proprietary stereo ‘Tutti’ mix for the ‘lite’ instrument.
  • Individual section controls include Volume (with separate release volume), Pan, Rhythmic Shift double / half / ITM, Harmonic Shift, Crossfade adjustments, Phrase Offset, and Breath level (woodwinds and brass only).
  • Custom designed interface with score display.
  • Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol patches.
  • Time Machine Pro capability.
  • Custom chord recognition and Harmonic Shift capabilities.
  • Intelligent Purging system.
  • Royalty and copyright free content license.

The library is available for purchase for the introductory price of 199.90 EUR until the November 25th, 2015 (regular 249.90 EUR). Prices ex. VAT.

More information: Sonokinetic / Sotto – Delicate Orchestral Sampling