Sonokinetic has announced Trailer Voice 3, a new sample library featuring a collection of professional, highly unique and authentic voice-over cues.

Sonokinetic Trailer Voice 3

Trailer Voice 3 was created by the high quality standards of our professional public relation experts, Voice-Over Actors, commercial advisers, recording specialists, sound designers and composers.

This library contains a wide variety of generic and catchy quotes and phrases performed in the Movie Trailer Style. Four of today’s professionally trained and world recognized Voice-Over Artists spent weeks recording this royalty free collection of speech samples. With specific direction from the Producers at Sonokinetic the Actors provided a variety of unique and one of a kind reads for our professionally written scripts.

Trailer Voice 3 features

  • 4 Voices; 3 male, 1 female.
  • Vocal Colours: Attitude, Booming, Dangerous, Announcer, Deep, Gravelly, Wry, Sexy, Sophisticated, Warm, Attitude, Authoritative, Believable.
  • 4 themes: Romance (Incl. Romance-comedy), Drama (Incl. Comedy-Drama), Thriller & Supsense and Historical & Biographical.
  • 10 original scripts for each theme (cues) ranging from 5 to 10 sentences per cue.
  • 3 different reads per cue.
  • TOTAL of: 4 themes X 4 Voices X 10 Cues X 3 Reads X (*x) sentences.
  • Trailer Voice Browser: for quick searching and browsing this huge collection. Basic searches can be done based on words, letters, numbers, themes and voices types. (html based database script).
  • Trailer Voice3 Script. written by Paul Bassett Davies. (.pdf).
  • Trailer Voice refenece documentation (.pdf).

Trailer Voice 3 is available to purchase for €39.90 EUR. A bundle of all three Trailer Voice libraries is €99.90 EUR.

More information: Sonokinetic / Trailer Voice 3