Time+Space has announced a limited time offer from Sontronics.

“I’ve been using the STC-1 on acoustic guitar, vocals and percussion. They give a much more effective, uncoloured result and a really natural recording.” Alan Bailey, Sound Engineer (Snow Patrol, The Chemical Brothers)

Sontronics STC-1S promo

Launched today and running until the end of the year, British mic brand Sontronics is offering FREE omnidirectional and hypercardioid capsules worth £40 each with every STC-1 pencil cardioid condenser mic bought from a participating retailer.

This means you ultimately get three mics for the price of one!

Or, buy an STC-1S stereo pair (RRP £249) and you’ll get two of each capsule worth a total of £160!

“Our STC-1 and STC-1S are such versatile mics already,” says Sontronics MD, founder and designer Trevor Coley, “and users tell us they love it for things like acoustic guitar, plucked instruments, woodwind, brass, strings, direct-miking percussion and video/film work. However, with the free interchangeable capsules in the package, you suddenly have three mics in one, making it suitable for overheads, vocals, conferencing, room ambience, orchestral, choral and ensemble applications, especially with the STC-1S pair.”

The STC-1 is supplied in a wooden box with mic clip and windshield while the STC-1S pair come in a wooden box with a mounting bar, clips and windshields. Both microphones, as with all Sontronics mics, come with a free copy of Toontrack EZdrummer Lite and are covered by the Sontronics Lifetime Warranty.

The free capsules will be shipped with your microphone – no rebate form required!

This offer is available from Time+Space and participating UK dealers until 31st December 2011.

More information: Time+Space