Sonus Dept. has released version 0.5.0 of Sonus Modular, which features new modules, a renewed GUI and bug fixes for the pack of modular for the VCV Rack.

Sonus Modular 0.5.0

Sonus Modular is a collection of 19 modules for VCV Rack, and features various kinds of devices, such as oscillators, LFOs, loopers, a sampler, distortions, utilities, waveshapers and other effects.

The pack now includes the following modules:

  • Bitter: bit manipulator.
  • Bymidside: MS (mid-side) encoder.
  • Campione: live sampler.
  • Chainsaw: fat sawish oscillator.
  • Ctrl: customizable knob controller.
  • Deathcrush: distorsion and bitcrusher.
  • Harmony: chord generator.
  • Luppolo: simple looper.
  • Luppolo3: three track loop station.
  • Multimulti: a simple but handy double 2-in 8-out multiples.
  • Oktagon: quad-quad sine LFO/oscillator.
  • Osculum: a VCO capable of harmonic but unusual sounds.
  • Paramath: signals comparing and math utils.
  • Piconoise: an ultra compact white noise generator with 8 outputs.
  • Pusher: four button controller.
  • Ringo: ring modulator.
  • Scramblase: triple quadruple waveshaper.
  • Twoff: double CV static offset.
  • Yabp: blank panel.

Sonus Modular is a free download for VCV Rack 0.5. The code is released under GPLv3 open source license, and binaries for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX are available.

Donations are welcome.

More information: Sonus Dept.

Sonus Modular 0.5.0

Sonus Modular 0.5.0