Sonuscore has announced a free update to its flagship orchestral instrument library The Orchestra Complete 2, bringing a brand new Cemablo instrument, bonus male and female choirs (whispers and shouts) and more presets.

Make your own inventions with our quality recorded instrument. Rendered both as a single NKI and integrated into the ensemble engine.

Add whispers and shouts to your compositions. 11 syllables are assigned to individual keyswitches and there is also a random mode to mix it up.

We’ve added 24 new presets for you. 5 more Orchestral Colors, 4 more Orchestral Rhythms, and 15 more Animated Orchestra presets are ready for your use.

Existing customers can get the update from their Best Service customer account or via the Best Service update installer.

New users can purchase the library for Kontakt and the free Kontakt Player for 459 USD/EUR from the Sonuscore store.

As a Christmas gift, composer Steffen Brinkmann composed the track “Lighting up the Tree”, exclusively using instruments from The Orchestra Complete 2, including new instruments from the free X-mas Update.