Sonuscore has announced the release of the Origins Bundle Vol. 1-5, a collection of the five original Origins instrument couples: Sansula and Steel Tongue Drum, Music Box and Plucked Piano, 12-String Acoustic Guitar and Balalaika, Oud and Qanun, and Ukulele and Muted Piano.

Additionally to the 5 matching couples, you will get every instrument as a brand-new solo NKI-instrument. This provides you even more flexibility in the selection of your sounds.

Dive deep into a musical World Travel captured with the rare instruments of the ORIGINS cosmos. Unfold their pure sound and benefit from the authenticity, these acoustic treasures provide you at your fingertips.

Compose using our beautifully matching dream couples or utilize the uniqueness of each solo instrument to complement your overall sound.

The Origins Bundle Vol. 1-5 costs 249 EUR. Until April 25th you can get it for the intro price of 199 EUR. Owners of one or more products of the Origins Series can of course also benefit from the bundle and upgrade at a lower price.

The instrument libraries in this bundle require the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt.

More information: Sonusscore