Sonuscore has announced the launch of an update to its flagship virtual orchestral instrument library, bringing more instruments, more presets, and a powerful new orchestrator voicing feature.

The Orchestra Complete 3 adds a custom sequence designer, broadens the scope of the free play mode, re-imagines how to handle playing legato and staccato live, and features a completely re-recorded woodwinds section with incredible new depth and versatility.

“THE ORCHESTRA COMPLETE 3 is a logical continuation of our orchestral color palette,” Tilman Sillescu, co-founder and Creative Director at Sonuscore explains. With STRINGS OF WINTER and HORNS OF HELL, we had already expanded the string and brass sections with special articulations and unusual instruments. Now with WOODS OF THE WILD, it is time to give the same treatment to woodwinds, adding more articulations and new instruments.

“We’ve also added some great new features to the Ensemble nki to improve quick sketching capabilities even more,” Tilman said.

The Orchestra Complete 3 has not only been upgraded with Woods Of The Wild, but also received significant enhancements of the Ensemble Engine’s key features:

  • Sequence Designer: Create your own individual musical patterns in addition to the standard options.
  • Pure Performance Legato: Play both fast true legato and staccato runs without any hassle.
  • Voicing Selection via Main Page: Create more realistic ensemble sounds.
  • Additional presets and multi-instruments: Now included are Voicings (208 presets), Rhythms (239 presets) & Animated Orchestra (223 presets).

The Orchestra Complete 3 for Kontakt and the free Kontakt Player is available to purchase for 479 USD/EUR. Upgrades are available from 99 USD/EUR.

More information: Sonuscore