Sonuscore has announced the release of its new flagship upright piano instrument for Kontakt and the free Kontakt Player.

Perfectly capturing the intimacy and warmth of a century-old Wilhelm Diemer upright piano, Chroma Upright Piano also is an inspiring tool for creating new and abstract soundscapes.

CHROMA – UPRIGHT PIANO stands out, not just because of its rich history and impeccable restoration, but because of its unique character and emotional depth that set it apart.

The journey began a few years ago in a small studio, where our team initially focused on recording a grand piano. However, an unassuming upright piano in the same studio captured our attention. Though we were committed to recording the grand, the upright’s distinct sound and emotional resonance left a lasting impression. We just had to record it and share it with the world!

Chroma Upright Piano features

  • Full mod wheel support of its unique core engine, inspired by TIME TEXTURES.
  • Multiple modifiable articulations like felt, muted, plucked, flageolet, and bowed.
  • 4 freely adjustable microphone positions: FRONT, ABOVE, BELOW, RUMBLE.
  • 27 velocity layers for normal piano sound and 8 round robins for all mechanical sounds.
  • Over 90 ready-to-go naturalistic & cinematic ensemble presets crafted to inspire.
  • Engine Enhancements: Octave pitch control, detailed effect swap.

Regularly priced 149 USD/EUR, Chroma Upright Piano is on sale for the intro price of 109 USD/EUR until July 8th, 2024. A bundle with Chroma Grand Piano is also available, including a crossgrade.

The offer is available at the Sonuscore store and from Plugin Boutique.