Sonuscore has announced the release of Sustained String Chords, a free Kontakt instrument, offering a unique and useful tool to create warm and massive string chords.

Sonuscore previously released a free HD Orchestra Chords instrument.

Sonuscore, developer of high-quality virtual instruments and known as the team behind the acclaimed Action Strings, Emotive Strings, Action Strikes, Lyrical Cello Phrases and many more, released their brand-new FREE Sustained String Chords KONTAKT instrument.

How to get hands on the FREE library? Just visit, sign up their newsletter and you will get FREE Sustained String Chords and their second FREE sample library Orchestra Chords delivered to your inbox. These two libraries are a great tool to spice your own project with some orchestra realism and warmth.

Both instruments are available as a free download for Kontakt v5.6.0 or higher.

In addition, Sonuscore is also offering a 20% discount on its ORIGINS products (Music Box & Plucked Piano and Steel Tongue & Sansula), EVOLUTION DRAGON and the LYRICAL CELLO PHRASES until the March 23th, 2017.

More information: Sonuscore