Sonuscore has announced the release of Oud & Qanun, the fourth entry in the Origins series of virtual instruments.

The library features the sounds of the Qunun, a renowned Arabian relative of the Zither, famous for its unique, melodramatic sound, and the Oud, the key instrument across Middle Eastern and North African traditional and popular music for centuries, even millenniums in its region of origin.

Designed with a focus on user friendliness to facilitate an expedient workflow, Oud & Qanun is an excellent companion in the quest for authentic, fresh and captivating musical experiences. As with all Origins libraries, you can play both instruments independently or in beautiful concord via the build-in Multi-Arpeggio-Designer (MAD). Choose from numerous tasteful patterns and presets that will kickstart your own creative journey with the instrument and drive your inspiration forward.

As always, the ability to play both instruments interlocking, independently, with inspiring patterns as well as single notes, chords and rhythms on the fly with full customization options will help you keep an expedient workflow as well as achieve truly unique results.

Oud & Qanun is available at the intro price of 49 EUR until August 14th. The regular price is 69 EUR.

More information: Sonuscore