oeksound has released version 1.1.1 of its soothe audio processor plugin that gives you a world class vocal sound.

Starting from 1.1.0, soothe uses a new license management system that allows storing an activation to USB-drive, and deactivating licences from a device.

oek-sound soothe

soothe is a dynamic equaliser with self-adjusting frequency bands. Unlike traditional EQ-tools, soothe analyses the signal on the fly and adjusts the frequency-wise reduction based on the input. This saves you from having to manually notch the problematic mid and high frequencies. The reduction kicks in when needed and where needed, without affecting the nearby frequency areas. This results in more detail, top end, and presence, in a way that is hard to unhear.

Changes in soothe v1.1.1

  • Fixed session automation incompatibility.
  • Preset menu now closes, when loading preset with double clicking.
  • Fixed offline activation bug, offline activation has to be reactivated.
  • Fixed Logic Pro 10.2.4 crashing on preset menu close.
  • Fixed rare crashes.
  • Major compatibility fixes (v1.1.0).
  • Added VST3 builds as public beta: safe to use, but more prone to bugs (v1.1.0).
  • Rewritten licence management to support activation detaching and USB drive licences, plugin requires reactivation (v1.1.0).
  • Rewritten preset management, support for user default presets (v1.1.0).
  • New menu structure (v1.1.0).
  • Minor usability tweaks and bug fixes (v1.1.0).
  • Mac: Added uninstaller app (v1.1.0).

soothe for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX) costs 149 EUR.

More information: oeksound / soothe