Sound Borb is an audio ambience generating system, currently free to use non-commercially.

The ambiences created with Sound Borb are not looping, so it will have endless variation to the ambience.


  • Minimal paramaters, easy to use
  • Volume control
  • Intensity control (amount of activity)
  • Happiness control (less sounds more spooky)
  • Auto for intensity and happiness to let the system take care of these settings

So, just load an ambience, set the controls to auto and sit back. I love it!

What happens in the background is that the system loads a bunch of ogg or wav files, which have some default settings for intensity, happiness, random and looping (some sounds do loop, but the whole ambience is never looping), so you can create your own Sound Borb ambiences as well. You’ll need to

  1. put your audio files in the audio folder,
  2. create (copy->paste->edit) a data file,
  3. add you data file to the descriptor.lst and
  4. add an image for your ambience if you like.

More detailed information on creating your own ambiences can be found on the Sound Borb website.

Sound Borb includes 2 ambiences, but there are several ambiences available for download already.

Visit the Sound Borb website for more information and a link to download Sound Borb and the additional ambiences.