Pendle Poucher of Sound Dust has released the dULCITONE1900 sample library.

It’s taken an age, but I’ve finally managed to birth a lovely sister to Dulcitone1884. This one is a 16-year younger beauty with a slightly jinglier and more even tone which really compliments the butch woody clunk of the 1884 version.

Think of dULCITONE1900 as Keira Knightly and Dulcitone1884 as Kristin Scott Thomas…..or maybe whatshisface in Twilight to George Clooney.

I’ve gone to town with the sampling, seven velocity layers of binaural recording add up to around 500mb of samples. There’s a wee video of her in action which tells you more about her than I can put into words.

dULCITONE1900 is available for Kontakt 3 and above (full version required), EXS, Ableton Sampler, Alchemy (full version required), SFZ (imports into Alchemy player) and SoundFont, priced at £15 GBP. Purchase includes all formats.

More information: Sound Dust