Sound Dust has released a new Kontakt instrument library, Infundibulum#1. The instrument offers 3 sample oscillators with 20 sample sets per oscillator, and a complex poly rhythmic multi-arp per oscillator.

Infundibulum#1 is gloriously messy playground of poly rhythmical possibilities with an open door policy for unexpected artifacts and happenstance.

Like a room full of noise generators, plucked, struck or bowed things, exotic vintage synths and more. You control a space and time shifting chamber orchestra of the cloned avatars of Moebius, Roedelius and Plank.

Infundibulum is not intended to authentically replicate any of the sounds included, some have been deeply multi sampled and others are deliberately stretched across a wider keyspan than is sensible. The samples all have very obvious loop points. The whole point of Infundibulum is to embrace and celebrate the artifacts that occur when sampling goes too far. Hold a chord, any chord and you will hear the different notes start to cycle back on themselves in disjointed but glorious ways that you will never hear from a gazillion gigabyte hypersampled piano, crumhorn or orchestral calabash.

Then add in the amazing multi-arp, 3 sounds repeating through different length cycles at different speeds and you are half way to an out of body experience.

Infundibulum#1 for Kontakt 5.5.1 or higher (full version) costs £50 GBP incl. VAT. Until May 14th, you can save 20% off with coupon code CHRONOSYNCLASTIC at checkout.

More information: Sound Dust / Infundibulum#1