Sound Dust has announced the release of Ships Piano³, a hybrid piano instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt, based around a collection of three character pianos.

Sound Dust Ships Piano3
Sound Dust Ships Piano3 Satie-anator

Sound Dust Ships Piano3 rtfm

Sound Dust Ships Piano3 velocity

Sound Dust Ships Piano3 fx

Ships Piano³ takes the original acclaimed Sound Dust Ships Piano sample instrument and adds two more really great sounding character pianos to the mix.

Think of her as a character piano modeller, you can cunningly combine different aspects of each piano to create impossible sounding piano hybrids. Just don’t expect the usual bland, silky smooth tones of those other over sampled piano monsters.

The fun doesn’t stop there though, Ships Piano³ isn’t just a pretty face.

She also comes with the Satie-anator sequencer engine which combined with the keyswitch operated scale and key commands is a full on inspiration machine!

Ships Piano³ features

  • School Grand – a binaurally recorded grand piano in an ancient stone walled Hogwartsy school hall/chapel.
  • Ships Piano – 4 or 5 notes of velocity, recorded binaurally and re-tuned since the last version.
  • Room Upright – binaurally recorded with 3 layers of velocity, the cunning bit is that she was reversed, fed through high end reverb and then reversed again.
  • Individual controls for volume, sample start, pan, stereo width, attack curve, ADSR, vibrato and reverb send per piano.
  • 346 24-bit samples = 360MB with Native Instruments propriety compression.
  • 24 custom convolution reverbs per piano.
  • Satie-anator – 12 user programmable, key triggered sequencers with 12 tracks per sequence.
  • Scale and pitch quantisers with keyswitch control.
  • Master FX page – master EQ, tape and valve modelling plus transient designer.
  • Keyboard Velocity modelling page.
  • 37 instrument snapshots.
  • Handy build in instructions in RTFM page.
  • Full version of Kontakt 5.5.1 or above is required.

Ships Piano³ is available for purchase at a 30% introductory discount until April 10th, 2016 (regular £30 GBP). Use coupon AHOYTHERE at checkout.

More information: Sound Dust / Ships Piano³