Sound Effects Monkey (formerly Chuck Russom FX) has announced the release of Electromagnetic, a Sound effects library featuring 1,200 electromagnetic sounds.

The sound library that you didn’t know you needed. A collection of electromagnetic sounds presented in Ultra-HD 24-bit 192k resolution. First a little science lesson: All Electric devices produce a magnetic field. Usually, you don’t hear this field. And you can’t record it with a normal microphone. You need to use an induction coil pickup. These pickups are commonly used to record telephone conversations. But, hold them up to an electric device and all sorts of chaos ensues.

We started out recording various motors. The great thing about the induction coil pickup is that it gives you the electric sound of the motor without the mechanical aspects that a normal mic would give you. Sometimes it sounds like you expect a motor to sound like. Other times it sound absolutely crazy. After the motors, we went around and waved the induction coil at anything we could think of. TVs, mobile phones, car ignitions, light bulb, you name it. Many items that you use everyday give off amazing magnetic fields and we happily recorded as many as we could.

After recording all these amazing sounds, we couldn’t help but think that we could design a set of synthesized sounds that fit right in with the electromagnetic theme. So we did just that! The second half of this library is all synth sounds that, at times, sound even more electric than the real stuff.

Electromagnetic is available for purchase for the introductory price of $69 USD until February 24th, 2016 (regular $99 USD).

More information: Sound Effects Monkey