Sound Factory is offering you a chance to win a copy of A Machine Soul, a sample pack by Oliver Furness, designed for people looking to make the more raucous House and Techno jams.

Sound Factory Oli Furness A Machine Soul

“When I first sat down to write this sample pack I looked around in my studio and pulled together a collection of machines that I have always felt I had a connection with, weather it be from hours leaning over it learning to play the thing, or from special times in the studio when things just click in the jam.

As I slowly worked to piece together techniques and capture instances a true connection appeared between me and the machines just as fresh as the first time and just as exciting start which made it a joy to write and hopefully I captured my interpretation of what the hardware could do.”

The pack includes over 1,000 loops and samples, created using various analogue and digital gear including modular sequencers and Elektron samplers.

We are giving away three prizes:

  • 1st prize: A Machine Soul and 2 packs of your choice from Sound Factory.
  • 1st prize: A Machine Soul and 1 pack of your choice from Sound Factory.
  • 3rd prize: A Machine Soul sample pack.

For a chance to win simply leave a comment below and we will pick the three winners by random draw on Wednesday November 11th, 12pm CET.

Good luck!

More information: Sound Factory