Sound Guru has released version 0.8 beta of The Mangle, a granular sampler instrument plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Sound Guru The Mangle

There’s no better way to explore granular soundscapes. Fully automatable in your DAW, multi-timbral, and simple to use with drag-and-drop modulation.

Real-time animation of every individual grain, showing you what your sound is doing. Stretch a single note into a rich texture. Make organic effects that fizz and crackle. Shatter a synth sound into a thousand pieces.

Changes in The Mangle v0.8b

  • Minor layout redesign: settings now on tabs on main faceplate.
  • Modulations can now run ‘via’ another modulator, which modulates the intensity of the modulation.
  • Added “Loop” option (in Position tab) which allows you to set a region and speed over which the position will continuously loop. This is similar to setting a saw wave LFO to position, but comes with some improvements – e.g. can go slower, and ‘wraps’ back to the start of the waveform (rather than stopping at the end).
  • You can now set the folder in which to look for presets.
  • Lock icons on main parameters now only highlighted if a lock is active.
  • Fixed crashing bug when changing an LFO parameter by typing in an amount.
  • Copy/paste of sound slots etc. now works between different instances of the plugin.
  • Now dynamically resizes internal buffers if user has a buffer size over 4096 samples (before having large buffer sizes resulted in no sound or a crash).
  • Further improvements to workflow when samples are not found.

The Mangle for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available for purchase for the discounted price of £19.99 GBP while it is in beta.

More information: Sound Guru