Sound Magic has announced availability of its latest virtual instrument Cadenza Solo Strings, featuring 3 Italian handmade Solo Strings (Violin, Viola and Cello) powered by the Neo Orchestra Hybrid Modelling Engine.

Cadenza Solo Strings keeps the Italian handmade Violin, viola and cello’s purity with crisp, clean, unaltered details free of reflections or coloring. In fact, Sound Magic used the SSL 9000 series console, along with legendary U47 and M49 Neumann vintage microphones, to ensure vivid representation in each note.

It’s this sound that leads Sound Magic to expand its Modeling Legato technology to bring musicians even more creative musical freedom. It is capable of supporting any technique, patches, or articulations with more control over the parametric. This allows musicians to manipulate shapes and sound variety in real time with smoother transitions between notes than a sampled legato.

Cadenza Solo Strings features

  • Deeply sampled, over 7,400 samples, 10GB sample data.
  • Modeled Vibrato, Legato, Tremolo, Glide, and Glissando.
  • Round Robin on most techniques.
  • Innovative Performance Key Switch system.
  • Embodied high-quality reverb and EQ.
  • Comprehensive Envelope system.
  • Scala Tuning System can emulate different tuning systems.
  • DFD/RAM system enables users to relocate resources and ensure the best performance under every individual project.
  • Different GUI mode for standard resolution and 4K resolution.

Cadenza Solo Strings is available at a MSRP of $499 USD, with an introductory offer of $199 USD until August 29th, 2020.

Sound Magic has also announced the Cadenza Strings Week Sale Event offering up to 71% discounts on over 10 instrument and effect plugins until June 1st, 2020.

More information: Sound Magic