Sound Magic has introduced its Artificial Intelligence Assistant Tool, designed for use with its virtual piano instruments.

Sound Magic Artificial Intelligence Assistant Tool

The purpose of Artificial Intelligence Assistant Tool (A.I in short) is to free musicians from technicians’ work and let us focus on our music, not continuous controller assignments or tweaking the velocity curves! A.I is a bridge which connects your musical feelings and ideas to the technical data. With A.I, musicians no longer need to be technicians. A.I will make achieving your ideal sound more… well, musical! NO NEED TO REMEMBER arcane terminologies, finicky operation steps or the intricate specs of your keyboard.

A.I will auto test your keyboard – learn all about it – and then use artificial intelligence to make suggestions for you. It is a simple to use and it speaks the same language as musicians – YOUR language – not the geek-speaks of technicians. A.I will test your keyboard velocity response, pedal support and most importantly suggest ways to shape the sound that you are looking for. A.I makes it simple quickly achieve your ideal sound.

A.I is provided as a VSTi instruments and we recommend to use it with our pianos

Artificial Intelligence Assistant Tool features

  • Automatic detect your keyboard’s velocity response curve.
  • Automatic detect keyboard’s Min and Max velocity.
  • Automatic detect pedal support.
  • Give suggestions on sound shaping and dynamic.
  • Give suggestions on the piano which suitable for specific music style.
  • Guide on shaping the final sound.

The Artificial Intelligence Assistant Tool for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for 50 EUR.

More information: Sound Magic / Artificial Intelligence Assistant Tool