Sound Magic Bass Lord

Sound Magic has released Bass Lord, a bass enhancer effect plug-in for Windows.

When you need to seriously boom your lows, Bass Lord, the bass enhancement technology used on many hit record, will be your ideal choice. Bass Lord combines three major technologies of bass enhancement.

Harmonic Bass Enhancer uses psycho-acoustics to calculate precise harmonics that are related to the fundamental tones of sound. When these harmonics are combined with the original one, it creates the effect of lower, deeper frequencies. Linkwitz Bass Enhancement technology uses Linkwitz filter to regenerate bass frequency and then combine them with the original. Resurrection Bass Enhancer analyzes the spectrum of Bass and then generates Bass frequency based on psycho-acoustics codes.

Bass Lord combined these three major technologies and provides a multi-purpose bass enhancement plug-in for those musicians who really need to enhance their bass. If you need a deeper, lower, natural sounding bass which you can really feel, you should not miss Bass Lord.

Bass Lord features

  • Internal 64-bit floating point precision.
  • Extends perceived bass response to 20Hz.
  • 4 sliders and 4 knobs allow you to make meticulous controls on your lows.
  • Support up to 32Bit/384KHz resolution.

Bass Lord is available to purchase as a VST effect plug-in for Windows, and as an add-on for Supreme Pianos, priced 29.90 EUR.

More information: Sound Magic / Bass Lord