Sound Magic has released version 2.0 of Headphone Mix, a special effect unit suitable for those who make their music on a headphone monitor system.

Sound Magic Headphone Mix 2.0

Headphone Mix combines environment simulation system, frequency compensate system and HRTF technologies to emulate the speaker feelings on your headphone. Headphone Mix is provided as a VST effect unit under Windows or an Add-on for Sound Magic Supreme Pianos.

Compared with speakers, headphone lacks the blend of two channels,reverb from air and reflections from ears, which may lead to the lack of imaging and false feelings on sound field. Headphone Mix solves this issue by blending both channels, adding extra reverb to the sound and applying HRTF to emulate reflections.

To make the simulation more accurate, Headphone Mix features an environment simulation system where you can set room size, damp degree and reverb time of your work space. By doing so, Headphone Mix could obtain a closer result to your speakers.

Another reason for headphone can not have the same feel as your speakers is the headphone amp. If your amp can not fit your headphone good enough, it will cause the frequency response is not as accurate as your speakers. To solve this issue, Headphone Mix features three special designed filters to compensate the loss on frequency response. Thus it gives you the ability to get closer to your speaker even if you are using a bad headphone amp.

Headphone Mix features

  • Three bands frequency compensate system.
  • 3 sliders to control the effect depth.
  • A complete environment simulation system.
  • In-built HRTF algorithm.
  • Up to 32Bit/384KHz resolution.

Headphone Mix is available to purchase for €19.90 EUR.

More information: Sound Magic / Headphone Mix