Sound Magic has announced the Live/PA Bundle, a software solution for the live concert/PA market, containing a media player, an effect rack and over 10 plugins to cover every aspect for live sound.

Sound Magic Live/PA Bundle

Live/PA Bundle consist of over 10 plugins which fit for different cases, with them, you can easily find the effect you want. These plugins worth over $1200. And they are specially designed for Live – they have lower CPU usage so this ensures they work very stable. And more important, they are easy to use nad just a few adjustment can do the whole job. This will be most helpful in a situation which you need to tweak the sound quickly and precisely.

Virtual Audio Routing makes the sound can be route through different programs/applications, with Effect Rack together, you can get the effect on without a Host/DAW program. This breaks the obstacle that effect plugin must use under a Host/DAW in order to get the sound processed.

The Live/PA Bundle is available for Windows, priced at $699 USD.

More information: Sound Magic / Live/PA Bundle