Sound Magic has announced the release of Neo Erhu, a hybrid modeled virtual instrument featuring an enhanced version of the Erhu aka Chinese violin.

Sound Magic Neo Erhu

Neo Erhu uses Music Domain Synthesis, a new technology that can create a digital instrument from scratch, removing the limitation of sampling and modeling.

Through Music Domain Synthesis technology, Neo Erhu has enhanced traditional Erhu in many ways, changing the thing that is impossible in the past to a reality. First, Neo Erhu has an extended chromatic range. Traditional Erhu has a chromatic range that is around 30 keys, while 2 octaves are suitable for use in music. Neo Erhu extends this range to 42 keys, while 3.5 octaves can be fully used. These extensions enable Neo Erhu to also cover the chromatic range of Zhong Hu and Jin Hu, so it can also be used as these two hu instruments.

Neo Erhu also improves the higher octave sounds a lot compared to traditional Erhu. Traditional Erhu has a rather weak and noisy sound in higher octaves, which greatly weakens its usability in high octaves and also limits its ability to provide a steady high frequency string sound in a Chinese orchestra compared with violin in a symphony orchestra. Neo Erhu has a much purer, punch and fullness sound than traditional Erhu in higher octaves. Neo Erhu also extends to lower octave which also covers Zhong Hu range; however, it has more vivid expressions than Zhong Hu sound in Zhong Hu’s range.

Neo Erhu contains all techniques for Erhu, Zhong Hu, and Jin Hu. It can seamlessly change to any of them with just a preset. This ability makes Neo Erhu not only a new instrument, but also can be used to represent several traditional instruments. Users do not lose any compatibility when using Neo Erhu. This ability adds insurance to users as sometimes, a new creative thing may be at risk of losing the tradition; however, this is not the case for Neo Erhu.

Neo Erhu costs $169 USD. It is available at an introductory price of $99 USD until August 1st, 2020.

Also available are three instruments powered by the Neo Orchestra Hybrid Modelling Engine:

  • Cadenza Cello features an Italian handmade cello.
  • Classical Guitar brings the sounds of a customized mod version of a Kremona Solea Artist Series nylon guitar.
  • Hybrid Harpsichord is based on a baroque harpsichord instrument built by British manufacturer around 1790.

Sound Magic has also launched the Erhu Week Special Sale with up to 71% discount on over 10 instrument and effect plugins until May 8th, 2020.

More information: Sound Magic