Sound Magic has announced availability of its latest hybrid modelling virtual instrument Supreme Piano 4, featuring 8 pianos collection alongside Neo MasterTool.

Sound Magic Supreme Piano

The package includes brand new pianos and monthly upgrades.

Technology evolution can turn things that were seemingly impossible in the past into reality. One exciting feature that Supreme Piano 4 provides is that users can obtain new pianos every month. What is more, the software will also evolve every month. It will be able to stick to one topic, such as Jazz or classical one every month. With this exciting feature, users can feel the freshness of sounds monthly, get more inspiration, and add more creativity to their music.

In Supreme Piano 4, Sound Magic finally is able to provide not only a plugin, but also a full system for music production. We included our mastering system, Neo MasterTool, into Supreme Piano 4. With this multi-effects system, Supreme Piano 4 will not only help its users to get the most professional final sounds, but also provides more possibilities in sounds.

Supreme Piano 4 has a basic handpicked, 8 piano set from 7 world famous piano manufacturers. To ensure best sound quality, Sound Magic had handpicked these 8 pianos from a large piano poll.

Supreme Piano 4 is on sale for the introductory price of $499 USD (MSRP $999 USD).

More information: Sound Magic