Plugin Boutique is offering an exclusive 48% discount on the Brightness Panner by Sound Particles, and audio plugin that will change the way you use sound in space, enriching your mixes by spreading sound around you.

Brightness Panner makes panning easier than ever by applying movement to your sounds using Brightness, Pitch and MIDI analysis.

Brightness Panner dynamically pans sound based on frequency, pitch or MIDI notes, using the familiar dynamics parameters of threshold, ratio, attack and release to pan channel outputs to any speaker configuration. From stereo to Atmos, from 5.1 to binaural or Ambisonics Brightness Panner enables music, post-production and game audio professionals to simply and creatively add dynamic movement to their mixes.

Brightness Panner features

  • Dynamic Movement: Easily set how the sounds will move. For instance, will they move from the speaker’s position to the centre or will they move clockwise starting from a custom position?
  • Visualization Dome: Track every single movement the sounds are making through the main component of the plugin’s UI: the dome.
  • Randomization: Running out of ideas? Don’t worry! The Brightness Panner has a randomize option that outputs a new result each time you click it.

Brightness Panner (VST/VST3, AU and AAX) is priced $25 USD until August 31st, 2022 (regular $49 USD).

More information: Sound Particles