Sound Radix has announced a major update to its acclaimed automatic microphone alignment and phase correction plugin.

Since its original release almost thirteen years ago, Auto-Align has become an indispensable tool for audio engineers and producers around the world. Now this modern classic has received a radical evolution that promises to transform users’ workflows and achieve superior results.

Auto-Align 2 eliminates comb-filtering, minimizes transient smearing, and spectrally optimizes the phase of each mic to deliver the full and defined sound captured by the microphones. Auto-Align 2 takes an extensive step further by significantly speeding up the alignment workflow, introducing a new spectral phase correction module, refined algorithm, an intuitive user interface and much more.

Auto-Align 2 features

  • One-click workflow for fast and easy track alignment.
  • Automatic reference and grouping detection takes the guesswork out of the alignment process.
  • Spectral Phase Optimization for improved coherence and richer sound quality.
  • Absolute Phase for faithful reproduction of sound directionality.
  • Alternate optimized correlation editing for advanced users seeking creative control.
  • Surround support for multi-channel applications.
  • Single unified interconnected multi-channel user interface for efficient navigation.
  • ARA2 compatibility for seamless integration with your DAW workflow.

Available in VST3, AU, AAX and ARA2 formats, Auto-Align 2 is available to purchase for $199 USD. Existing Auto-Align users can upgrade for $99 USD ($49 USD for Auto-Align users who purchased after April 1st, 2022).

Radical Bundle 3 owners are eligible to upgrade to Radical Bundle 4 including Auto-Align 2 at no additional charge. Auto-Align 2 includes a complimentary license for Auto-Align 1 for backward compatibility.

More information: Sound Radix