That Sound has announced the release of Darren King Drums, a sample library featuring the sounds of the drummer of MuteMath.

That Sound Darren King Drums

After 8 months of work, we have finally finished Darren King Drums and its ready for you to put in your songs. This library is not for those wanting clean and pristine samples. Instead its for those who search for the best of the unique and gritty.

We recorded 7 Kicks, 9 Snares, 2 sets of toms, Hi-hat, Ride, and 2 Crashes all in great detailed multi-velocity. We couple those multi-velocity samples with hundreds of unique “one-shot” samples.

For icing on the cake, we give you hundreds of fully mixed drum breaks and loops by Darren King. A huge variety of tempos and styles lets you drop Darren in your songs or start writing from one of his beats.

The library is available for purchase in Deluxe (including presets & kits), Standard, Basics, Loops, and Triggers Only version, starting at $50 USD.

More information: That Sound / Darren King Drums