That Sound has announced the release of Future Drums, a sample pack featuring over 400 samples and over 240 loops.

That Sound Future Drums

Future Drums is a slick collection of One-Shot samples for the Producer, Remixer, Beat Maker, and Artist. Future Drums contains an enormous amount of fresh samples and loops that defies music genres and propels your tracks into the future of music. Dirty and thick Kick drums and tight, snappy Snare drums derived from hybridizing classic drum machine samples with real drums.

If you make urban, hip-hop, pop, trap, or house, Future drums will give you a fresh edge from those overused drum samples. We top off the drum pack with a well organized pile of loops that were sequenced straight from classic and modern drum machines that feel amazing in a track.

Future Drums contains over 400 unique one shot samples and over 200 loops. All of the samples and loops were recorded through fat API and NEVE preamps with the levels cranked for maximum color. This is not a typical 808 drum sample pack.

The sample pack is available for purchase for

More information: That Sound / Future Drums