Sounds To Sample Billie Ray Martin Vocal Sessions

Sound To Sample has released Billie Ray Martin – Vocal Sessions, a vocal sample pack featuring a collection of 400+ ad-lib’s, choruses and phrases.

Dubbed the queen of electronic soul, Billie Ray Martin’s instantly recognizable and endlessly iconic vocal stylings will add the soulful flare you need in your next track.

Serving up over 400 vocal samples all tagged with key and BPM info, Billie Ray Martin’s Vocal Sessions is loaded with more ad-lib’s, choruses and phrases than you’d need to launch your own vocal house label, and still have some un-touched samples left over!

Billie Ray Martin’s: Vocal Sessions will not only avoid you the hassle of booking your own expensive studio time, you’ll also have the legendary, chart toping dance music diva’s finest vocal flavors at your fingertips for your next four-to-the-floor dance floor destroyer!

The sample pack costs $24.99 USD.

More information: Sounds To Sample